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Add: Xiaolan Town.Zhongshan City.Guanggong Province.P.R.C.
Tel: (86)-760-22133889
Fax: (86)-760-22132889
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        Zhongshan Timtex Industrial Co., Ltd is a modern and large scale leading manufacturer in China. It was built since year 2000 and we own garment factory, weaving factory, printing factory and mask factory.

        Our company is located in the key position of Zhujiang Triangle Economic Center——Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City. With the convenient transportation, we have the advantage of connecting with 105 National Road, Zhongjiang Highway and Xiaolan Port. And we occupies an area of more than 30,000 square meters, having a modern factory with 15,000 square meters and build the facilities like dormitory, canteen, leisure room and sporting area.

        We have 50 professional technicians, 90 management staffs and around 800 workers.We have a modern office building, standard factory and advanced production machines. With this advanced and best equipment, our main products are protecting clothes, disposable protective mask, knitted garment( T-shirt, sleepwear, underwear and babies’ wear). Furthermore, we also produce women and men’s wear. Our clients are including Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, Full Beauty Brands, Stella McCartney, Valley Girl, Temt, Petit Bateau, DKNY, IKKS, Catimini and so on.    

        Apart from that, our own weaving factory has more than 10 set of high-quality weaving machines and own printing factory. They are all qualified based on ISO quality management system.

         Furthermore, our mask factory has advanced automatic mask machines and professional workshop. Our mask has standard 3 –ply layers which use good quality polypropylene material as outside and inside layer. And the middle layer use first class melt-blown fabric. Through ultrasonic pressing workmanship, the mask can effectively filter pollen, dust and harmful material. And our daily protective mask has gained FDA and CE certificate.

         Timtex is our own brand and it can be used in garment and protective products.

         “Strive for customer’s satisfaction” is our main management aim. “Good quality, good capacity, good delivery schedule and effective production” is our management style. We buy advanced facilities, improve service quality and management level for opening a further international and domestic market.

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Add:Xiaolan Town.Zhongshan City.Guanggong Province.P.R.C.  Tel:(86)-760-22133889    
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